BOW Magazine nr. 21 | The Sports Industry and Internationalisation

BOW Magazine nr. 21 | The Sports Industry and Internationalisation BOW Magazine nr. 21 | The Sports Industry and Internationalisation

BOW Magazine nr. 21 | The Sports Industry and Internationalisation

The 21st issue of BOW magazine is out, dedicated to “The Sports Industry and Internationalisation”. Several leading figures accepted our invitation to write about this subject, including João Paulo Rebelo, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, who highlights the fact that over the past four years the Government “partnered with clubs and city councils to invest 25 million euros in the upgrading of infrastructure to face these permanent needs.” He does, however, also point out the importance of the private sector in this field, and believes that “a multifaceted approach, which involves the State, the private sector, and the sports world, is the most efficient formula for positioning Portugal as a trustworthy sports destination, and that this is an important contribution that Sports can make to Tourism, as one more tool for boosting the much-needed economic recovery, following the pandemic we are still experiencing”.

Another interesting read is the article by the Mayor of Maia, and Chairman of the Founders and Curators Council of the Sports Foundation, António Silva Tiago, who stresses the important contribution of sports to the “affirmation of the Maia brand at a global level, helping to leverage its full territorial and human potential, as well as the local economy, which is one of the most internationalized in the country”.

Another example of success in Portugal has been football, which is analysed in this issue by Fernando Gomes, Chairman of the Portuguese Football Federation, who provides some very interesting figures.
João Miranda, Chairman of ABIMOTA, the National Association of Two-wheel, Metalworks, Furniture and Related Industries explains that in his case the investment in Sports led them to be “more efficient, to develop faster and better, to be resistant and resilient, and gives us visibility. At the end of the day, when we commit to this activity we are subjected to the same sort of challenges, needs, objectives, and pressure as the athletes. Our brands rise and fall upon the ‘fame’ brought on by good results.”

From the perspective of motorsports, Paulo Pinheiro, CEO of the Algarve International Circuit, explains how Formula 1 and MotoGP have placed the country on the map, while garnering tremendous exposure.

Brands are also big players in the sports economy, and one such example is Super Bock, for whom “two of its major fields of communication, over the past 30 years, have been Football and Music, both of which attract great passions and gatherings all over the world, allowing for the strengthening of Super Bock’s DNA and straightening ties between the brand and the public.”

The Olympic dimension is brought to us by José Manuel Constantino, Chairman of the Portuguese Olympic Committee, who claims that “The structural obstacles to sports development in our country mean that our Olympic preparation programmes are subject to a very thorough social scrutiny”.

Of equal importance to understanding the sector is the article by Luís Mascarenhas Santos, senior manager of KPMG. A must!

And don’t forget to check out the AEP launches and activites section, where our member companies get to learn more about our trade missions and other activities. These are, of course, our raison d’être. In this 21st issue of BOW we bring you Nelo, Petratex, Safina, Affsports, VivaFit, Sports Partner, P&R Têxteis and Hydrosport, all of which are connected, directly or indirectly, to the sports industry.

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