Standing up for the interests of companies and offering services to make them more competitive

This is the mission of the Portuguese Entrepreneurial Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AEP).

Based in Porto, where it was founded in 1849, it exists to promote and defend business and associative activities. 

This is achieved through the provision of services, especially tailored to the needs identified by its technical teams, or through dialogue with the companies it represents, and is characterised by diversity, experience in different sectors and its nation-wide scope.
AEP is Portugal’s largest Entrepreneurial association. Committed to defending and promoting the interests of the business community, the AEP effectively represents its members companies.

AEP is synonymous with trust and credibility. Its ability to reach agreements and establish solid ties makes it a safe-haven for its partners.

AEP is good at what it does. It is staffed by competent professionals whose ambition and willingness to continue to improve guarantee the quality of its services.

AEP wants to be stronger. As an ambitious organization, the AEP has that positive restlessness that characterizes institutions that strive for the future faster and stronger.

AEP is tradition and future. Pride in tradition goes hand-in-hand with the will to walk along the roads of change and constant innovation.