AEP with companies

Competitiveness support projects

One of AEP’s main activities is drawing up and promoting collective efficiency projects that are innovative, relevant to businesses, and support entrepreneurship. 

This is grounded in the need to fill in market gap at the level of organisation and integration of individual agents and aimed at creating collective intelligence while promoting the integration of said agents in an ecosystem that fosters true business synergies.
In this context we include: 

  • the direct provision of services to public entities and other institutions, such as AEP’s role as Intermediate Organism in the Training-Action programme, Joint Projects, through COMPETE 2020 Responsibility Delegation Contracts
  • the creation and promotion of specific projects in a number of relevant areas for companies: promoting internal supply; establishing cooperation networks in the field of innovation, investment and digital economy; fostering more balanced financial structures; energy efficiency and sustainability; mapping, classification, management and promotion of business areas; business succession; ocean economy…
  • the provision of services in the field of specialised consultancy regarding the development and implementation of territorial competitiveness strategies, in partnership with CIMs, city councils and other organization, in customized models.

On-going projects:

Training-Action Small and Medium Sized Company Training Programme (Formação PME)
Contributing to strengthening the skills of executives and managers in order to reorganise and improve management, as well as those of the labour force, endowing them with the ability to implement innovation and change processes.
Towards growth - Supporting micro and SMEs in the North of Portugal in their growth process, through training in critical competitiveness factors and by fostering a prosperous business ecosystem.
A project designed to create knowledge in Circular Economy and Decarbonisation/Energy Transition so the SME can adopt innovative and sustainable practices, both economically and environmentally, using digital technologies from Industry 4.0.
Promoting and adding value to national supply. A programme by the Portuguese Ministry of the Economy, operated by the AEP, AIP, CAP and IAPMEI.
Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in the North and Centre of Portugal through integrated actions to inform and train young entrepreneurs, guiding them in a framework of innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in response to economic and societal challenges.


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