AEP with companies

AEP Training, a leading partner for companies in terms of training and skill building

AEP has been heavily committed to Training since its foundation, and is involved in the creation of the first Industrial School in Portugal, in 1852.

Personal and organizational skill development, in the interest of promotion of excellence in human resources, is the guiding principle of the AEP’s activities. The organization runs one of the largest continuous training centres for corporate staff, with over 30 thousand trainees every year. 

This is a varied offer, tailored to the specific needs of companies, and provided in partnership with the Centre for Training in Digital Skills (CESAE), in the following categories:

  • Co-financed training for employed and unemployed assets
  • Executive Education
  • In company training
  • Active training/Training consultancy
  • Strategic trade partnerships
  • Development Programme (Leadership, Professional Development, GDPR, …)
  • Centro Qualifica (adult skill-building and certification)



Formação AEP
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