BOW Magazine nr. 18 | The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation

BOW Magazine nr. 18 | The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation BOW Magazine nr. 18 | The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation

BOW Magazine nr. 18 | The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation

In this edition, BOW – Portugal Business on the Way magazine covers one of the most important clusters in Portugal – “The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation”. To better understand this subject we can count on renowned figures such as Ricardo Serrão Santos, minister of the Sea, who highlights the fact that “the Sea is unanimously recognised as a highly potential development vector for Portugal”, and Dina Ferreira, Director of the MAR 2020 Operational Programme, who gives us a look into the future and enormous value potential of this sector when she says that Portugal offers unrivalled competitive advantages and claims that our country has the scientific and technological know-how to support the development of the productive process and product innovation, namely through the various university research centres dedicated to the ocean.

Also worth mentioning is the interview with António Nogueira Leite, chairman of the Fórum Oceano, the Sea Economy Association and the Portuguese Sea Cluster, recognised by the Portuguese Government, who explains some structural issues for the present and the future of the economy of the Sea. According to him, this sector currently represents around 4% of National Product.

But this issue is also filled with other important analysis that can help guide Portuguese companies in this sector and they will benefit from the wisdom of Helena Vieira, general-director of Sea Policy and Bernardo Mata, a senior member of her team; Nuno Araújo, chairman of the Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo Ports Administration (APDL); José Maria Freitas, chairman of the board of ANICP; Vítor Figueiredo and Renato Amorim, respectively administrator and coordinating-director of development for Sea Business with the West Sea Shipbuilders; Mário Ferreira, chairman of Douro Azul and Sérgio Faias and Carlos Figueiredo, administrators of Docapesca. This is a very important subject and we prepared a wide-ranging panel of authors to give you the best perspective from the sector.

Also in this issue of BOW magazine, we invite our readers to get to know our member companies COFACO, CORDEX, RIAMAR-NAUTAV, and SOGUIMA, in the Internationalisation Radar section. 

 This edition’s target markets are Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, which we analyse with the aid of data provided by Accenture, always very useful for the internationalisation endeavours of our member companies.

We trust you’ll enjoy the issue and hope to see you again soon
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