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BOW Magazine nr. 14 | A feminine perspective on internationalisation

Is there, or isn’t there, a feminine brand of internationalisation? In what unique way can women contribute to the internationalisation of companies? These are just a couple of the angles we look at in the 14th issue of BOW magazine, out now.

So as to get a better analysis of this subject we asked several women (and one man), who hold important positions in Portuguese companies, to give us their opinions. One such woman is Helena Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Allby Group and Portugal WPO Chapter Chair, who notes that “the growth in feminine leadership and management has been slow but steady over the past few years”. On the other hand Ana Torres, Chair of the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN) and Country Manage and Global Innovative Pharma Head for Pfizer Portugal, says that “because men and women have similar skills, internationalisation is not affected by sex, and only the surrounding society can limit us”.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman of the board at COSEC, Celeste Hagatong, believes that “the successful internationalisation of Portuguese companies over the past few years is due not only to the leadership at the top, but also to the many women who work in and head key areas of said companies”.

Rosa Monteiro, Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, takes advantage of her column to stress the public policy in favour of equality and the role played by companies, making for very interesting reading. As does head of Associação Selectiva Moda Manuel Serrão’s article, which names some of the most important women (“out of a much larger pool”) in the reviving of a sector as important as is textiles. Naturally, the figure chosen for this month’s interview is also a woman. Isabel Furtado, chair of COTEC Portugal, speaks of the innovation-promoting organisation’s mission within the Portuguese business fabric.

Ireland and the UK are the target markets in this month’s issue of BOW magazine, which we analyse with the usual help of Deloitte figures.

You can also read a little bit about the history, especially the exporting history, of the three companies we focus on this month: Jordão, Casa Grande and Valente Marques, SA.

And to top it all off we invite our readers to delve into a series of articles which are very useful for corporate activity in the section dedicated to the AEP’s launches and activities.

Enjoy your reading!

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