AEP surveys and positions

AEP draws up and publishes regularly surveys where are processed and analyzed, in a detailed manner, different areas of the economic and business activities. AEP also divulges its positions on a vast array of aspects with direct or indirect impact on the companies’ activity.
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Estratégia para o Crescimento - Medidas Propostas pela AEP
Estratégia para o Crescimento - Desígnios e Linhas de Ação
(Re)Qualificar para Competir - propostas de ação

BOW magazine

BOW magazine came about as a result of the AEP’s work in the field of business internationalisation, with the implementation of external promotion events, namely sector and multisector trade missions, collective participation in international fairs, temporary and permanent product showcases as well as reverse missions for buyers and foreign investors.

BOW Magazine nr. 21 | The Sports Industry and Internationalisation
BOW Magazine nr. 20 | Internationalisation and the Recovery of Portugal
BOW Magazine nr. 19 | Health Economy and Internationalisation
BOW Magazine nr. 18 | The Economy of the Sea and Internationalisation

Envolvente Empresarial - Newsletter

“Envolvente Empresarial – Síntese de Conjuntura” is a monthly newsletter with the main data and indicators concerning economic activity undertaken jointly by AEP, AIP and CIP.
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Newsletter Envolvente Empresarial - December 2021
Newsletter Envolvente Empresarial - November 2021
Newsletter Envolvente Empresarial - October 2021
Newsletter Envolvente Empresarial - September 2021

Flash Económico

Produced and promoted every time relevant official statistics are published, so as to promote “just in time” economic information, along with brief analysis.
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Flash Económico 4/2019
Flash Económico 3/2019
Flash Económico 2/2019
Flash Económico 1/2019

Envolvente Empresarial – Análise de Conjuntura

Quarterly publication with detailed information on the evolution of economic activity and other indicators, including a selection of relevant details for the national and international framework, developed jointly by AEP, AIP and CIP.
[Only in Portuguese]

Envolvente Empresarial - 3dr. Quarter 2021
Envolvente Empresarial - 2nd. Quarter 2021
Envolvente Empresarial - 1st. Quarter 2021
Envolvente Empresarial - 4th Quarter 2020

Dinâmicas Sócio-Económicas

“Dinâmicas Socioeconómicas” is published by the AEP’s Studies and Strategy Desk that provides detailed analyses of a vast array of socioeconomic indicators, covering different fields. 
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Dinâmicas Socioeconómicas Regionais
Dinâmicas Socioeconómicas

Other publications

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Market survey "O consumo online - tecnologias e tendências"

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