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BOW Magazine nr. 12 | The Role of Associations in Internationalisation

Do not miss the article by Prime Minister António Costa and the testimonies of half a hundred invited companies

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the 12th BOW magazine, Portugal Business On the Way, which marks the 170 years of AEP. “The Role of Associations in Internationalisation” is the theme of this issue, that opens with the prime minister article “Cooperation for Convergence. The Role of Associations in Internationalisation.”

“But there is more to internationalisation than just increasing sales. Internationalization helps the country produce and sell better”, writes António Costa.

“Over the past years Portugal has walked this path successfully, gaining market share. The key to this success has been work carried out with business associations, specially the Strategic Council for the Internationalisation of the Economy”, writes the Portuguese prime minister. Later on he concludes: “If we want to make these three years the beginning of a decade of sustained convergence with Europe, we need to keep cooperation with and valuing business associations like the AEP. Together we increase the value of Portugal!”

We have also the opinion of the CIP president, António Saraiva, who argues that “greater risks and uncertainties should not, therefore, discourage internationalisation. On the contrary, they highlight the need for a concerted effort on the part of public institutions, companies and their associative structures around a coherent strategy: the increase in supply capacity, differentiation and valuing of exported goods and services, the qualification of more companies for internationalisation, enlargement of value chains and market diversification.”

“Sea, Movement and Culture” are the three pillars that “allowed Matosinhos to make a name for itself in the region, the country and even the world”, according to its mayor, Luísa Salgueiro, in a very interesting text. Also worthy of record is the text of the Administration of the Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo (APDL), who said that “the national ports are clearly a fundamental pillar for the economic development of Portugal and for the boosting exports.”

Paulo Melo, President of the ATP – Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal, is the interviewee of this magazine’s issue, which, among many subjects, argues that “associative activities are the first and foremost form of business cooperation which exists today.”

In Radar Internationalization, we recommend you to read the opinions of half a hundred companies, some who participated with us in internationalization actions, others with whom we establish partnerships, others who follow closely and admire the work developed by AEP. To all, thank you very much!

In this issue we also recommend reading the texts of Diogo Barbosa, General Director of Exponor, which highlights the evolution of the industry of fairs and exhibitions. António Sousa-Cardoso, Chairman of the Board of AGAVI, writes about a concrete fair, Portugal Premium, in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a text full of color, aromas and flavors!

To close this issue, we highlight two very interesting articles: The first was written by CEO of APCER, José Leitão, who argues that “the certification of a management system is not just about evaluating conformity with requirements. It also encourages the adoption of best management practices such as risk and opportunity treatments, focusing on results and the needs of clients, thereby benefitting the company with strengthening of its market position, brand protection and reputation and boosting even greater organisational efficiency, at a reduced cost.” The second article – by Antonio Pêgo, General director at CESAE – talks about the importance of training in economic activity. It should be noted that, among other merits, “CESAE launched the first digital transformation programme for companies in Portugal, called PME TIC.”

So, this is how magazine BOW contributes to the celebration of the 170 years of the AEP. According to our president, Dr. Paulo Nunes de Almeida, “over these 170 years the Association´s activity has been guided by the principles set out in its first charter: defending interests of the Portuguese industry, spreading economic and technological information, professional training and the promotion of Portuguese products and services.” In short, “we bear such a responsibility before Portuguese companies, but it is also such privilege and source of pride”, said our president.

Enjoy your reading!


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